Monday, 3 January 2011

Mengenal Istilah dalam Service Handphone

SARAM     Single Access RAM
SIM       Subscriber Identification Module
SLEEP     UEM power saving state controlled by UPP
SPR       Standard Product Requirements
SRAM      Static RAM
STI       Serial Trace Interface
SW        Software
TBSF      Through the Board Side Firing
Tl        Texas Instruments, American company
UEM       Universal Energy Management
Ul        User Interface
UPP       Universal Phone Processor
VBAT      Main battery voltage
VCHAR     Charger input voltage
VCHARDET  Charger detection threshold level

VMSTR     Master Reset threshold level

HW        Hardware
IF        Interface
IHF       Integrated Hands Free
1MEI      International Mobile Equipment Identity
LCD       Liquid Crystal Display
LDO       Low Drop Out
LED       Light Emitting Diode
Li-ion    Lithium Ion battery
LPRF      Low Power Radio Frequency
Lynx      Battery type
MALT      Medium And Loud Transducer
Mbus      Asynchronous message bus connected to MCU (phonecontrol
          interface). Slow message bus for control data.
MCU       Micro Controller Unit
NO_SUPPLY UEM state where UEM has no supply what so ever
NRT       Nokia Ringing Tones
NTC       Negative temperature Coefficient, temperature sensitive
          resistor used as a temperature sensor.
PA        Power Amplifier (RF)
PDM       Pulse Density Modulation
PDRAM     Program/Data RAM
Phoenix   SW tool of DCT4.X
PLL       Phase locked loop
PnPHF     Plug and Play Handsfree
PUP       General Purpose 10 (PJO), USARTS and Pulse Width 
PWB       Printed Wired Board
PWR_OFF   UEM state where phone is off
PWRONX    Signal from power on key.
R&D       Research and development
RESET     UEM state where regulators are enabled
RTC       UEM internal Real Time Clock

ACF       Accessory Conliol Interface
ADC       Analog Qtgtel Connector
ARM       Advanced RISC Machines
ASIC      Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ATR       Answer To Reset
B8        Baseband
BL-5C     Battery lype.
BSI       Battery Size Indicator
Cbus      Control bus (internal phone interface between UPP-UEM)
CCS       Customer Care Service
CTI       Cover Type Indicator
CTSI      Clock Timing Sleep and Interrupt
Dbus      DSP controlled bus (Internal phone interface between 
DC        Direct Current
DCT4.0    Digital Core Technology, generation 4.0
DSP       Digital Signal Processor
DUT       Device under test
EAD       External Accessory Detection
EMC       Electro Magnetic Cornpatibiftty
ESD       Electro Static Discharge
Fbus      Fast Bus, asynchronous message bus connected to DSP 
          (communications bus)

FCI       Functional cover interface
FPC       Flexible printed circuit
FR        Full Rate
GENiO     General Purpose Input/Output
GSM       Global System Mobile

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